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Bill expressed that as he learned to let go of his dependence on people and situations for emotional security and replaced that dependence with showing outgoing love as best as he could, his depression began to subside. Also for the benefit of screwballs like ourselves, it may be that someday we shall devise some common denominator of psychiatry — of course, throwing away their much abused terminology — common denominators which neurotics could use on each other.

You interest me very much when you talk of Karen Horney. The idea would be to extend the moral inventory of AA to a deeper level, making it an inventory of psychic damages, reliving in conversation episodes, etc.

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In letters to other AA members he wrote about his personal experience with neurosis, its prevalence in AA, and how he and others learned to cope with it.

Rey gasped and let out a small shriek, wiggling the mouse of her laptop frantically. She pulled BB to her and shook her head, burying her face into his necks.

“I-It’s not your fault.” It was unconvincing and futile. He was 10 years older than her, and she was already starting to go insane from the stress of finding her soulmate at 19.

As of 2004 there were approximately 1,100 EA groups active in the United States.

EA is the largest of three organizations that have adapted the Twelve Steps to create a program for people suffering from mental and emotional illness, replacing the word "alcohol" with "our emotions" in the First Step.

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