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So far, I've found it extremely difficult to meet a girl here.

In clubs like Vics or Propaganda I get turned down consistantly, usually before I even open my mouth.

I don't want anything else from her except the moments she can give for coffee. he went up and sat next to her and ask her why isn't she trying out the gym? she smile and said she wanted to run but suddenly felt lazy.

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he offered her breakfast and they did breakfast at the coffee house. she's from hubei and her boyfriend works next door and she's using his membership card to the gym.

Eyes met, both of us immediately glancing away only to find our gazes locked again quickly, mutual warm smiles followed.

I awkwardly got my courage up and obtained her number, politely threw it away on my way out, knowing I would never really contact her, and that was all I needed that day because it kept cropping up between my ears on and off throughout the remainder of the day and I knew no matter if I knew her for 5 more minutes or 5 more years it could not posibly have had a better ending than that brief moment in time.

This has gotten extremely frustrating, since I definitely wouldn't consider myself hideous, fat, or deformed. This is my first post though, so yes, maybe I am "naive about the nature of this forum".

For what it's worth, I'd consider myself moderately attractive, and as far as I know, I don't have any unpleasant body odors, and I think I dress as well as any other guy I see in clubs. Sorry, maybe I should have done some more lurking before I made my first post. Yeah, it's not true that Chinese girls will fling themselves at anything with arm hair.

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