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All servers in a domain share the same Public Address Book.

An administrator with appropriate access to the Public Address Book can easily manage administrative functions for an entire domain, even if it extends over a large geographic area.

If you have a portfolio of websites, deciding to do away with (or ‘sunsetting’, for those of a more delicate disposition) one of them can be a tough decision.

Much like the cliché when it comes to breaking-up with a not-so-loved one, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons associated with merging (two or more) websites or keeping them separate.

A new domain is created whenever you choose "first server setup" during the Domino server Setup program.

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The views for the Public Address Book will have to be updated on each server, which could affect performance.

Again, this means simply merging the separate address books into one composite Public Address Book for the domain.

You should remember that changing a domain name only affects mail.

All of these databases will work correctly without updating the domain name.

However, you should update the domain name sometime in the future.

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