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Of course I had been thinking it for like weeks but was too scared to say anything because sometimes people with quiet personalities are suppperrrr hard to read (can I get an amen mom? Back in the beginning of December we had talked about not getting each other Christmas presents this year.

I remember the first time Matt told me he loved me.Matt believed in me, pushed me to be the best I could be, and had the most gentle spirit that could handle my crazy controlling bombarding nature at times.I never once, and still never have, felt any sort of pressure, shame, anguish, or fear in any way and have always felt so much love and kindness coming from this guy.When we walked into my house I told Matt that I was going to go change my clothes and that I would be right back to which he responded “You look great just so you know” and so obviously I was like well I’m definitely not changing now. I cried and cried and cried and laughed and said “MATT WE’RE ENGAGED OH MY GOSH!!! We called everyone because it was just Matt and I but of course my entire family knew and were just so excited for us. ” After we shot off the fireworks and I started crying all over again. We spent Sunday planning parties, venues, dates, and tossing ideas around here and there with my parents and I am super excited to get wedding planning started and also slightly terrified but just so excited to start my life with Matt! Or I probably will just realize I’m not super fit for planning a wedding and just show you all the don’ts to do. This post may be a little bit longer than others because I’m going to be discussing how Matt and I started dating and all of that jazz.Instead, I took off my high heels and put on my uggs to settle in for the night. After all this gets setup, Matt is standing in the doorway of the kitchen and I’m on the sofa in front of the fire and I looked at Matt and I said “come on over and sit with me.” He turned around and said, “hold on I need to get my ipad out of my bag.” I didn’t think anything of this of course because I just thought we were going to watch some TV show or something on his ipad. We spent the next hour just chatting and telling people and getting congratulated out the wazzoo and it was perfect. He looked at me and said “I brought fireworks let’s go shoot them off.” And we did!! It’s a long-ish story and is a funny/good one so I hope you stick around to read it all! Matt was a sophomore in High School and just oh so attractive.

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