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"purge log" from frontend) and the cacti polling user.Example: If the web-server creates the file/directory there's no chance to change the ownership of the file/directory to the cacti polling users.Clients can send data to Xymon using both status- and data- messages.

NCV_testname Defines the types of data collected by the "ncv" module in hobbitd_rrd. SPLITNCV_testname The same as NCV_testname, but keeps the data into separate files.

If you enabled multiple log file support in mailgraph (above) then you'll see that your cacti graphs starting to show alot of hard peaks and valleys but, the mailgraph page appears correct.

This is because you are running two instances of the mailgraph daemon for viruses and mail data.

hobbitd_rrd understands data sent by the LARRD 0.43c client-side scripts (the so-called "bottom-feeder" scripts).

So you still want to install the LARRD bottom-feeders on the clients you monitor. --rrddir=DIRECTORY Defines the directory where the RRD-files are stored.

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