Shirley yeung dating

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Coincidentally, Yu had been linked to Shirley back in 2011, when a photo of him at Shirley's home was mistaken as her former lover, Andy Ng.However, Shirley has recently denied the rumours, saying that the photo was misleading."This is necessary for me to clarify, that the tabloid's report is inaccurate. Even though Shirley made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with him, Andy has not given up and has reached out again recently.Shirley shared with the press, “I am living a very good life now.

When asked to confirm the relationship rumours, Shirley stressed that the man in question was just a friend."I have a lot of friends," she said.

Shirley has allegedly purchased two penthouse apartment units in Tseung Kwan O, and has also changed her car from an ordinary SUV to a Land Rover worth ,000 USD.

Shirley and her daughter have also been spotted being driven around town by a private chauffeur. Speculations arose that Shirley has struck the jackpot with her new beau, Peter Gao (高健行), who is not only a stock market expert but also owns record label, Honger Music, harnessing a total fortune of over .7 million USD.

Although many believed Andy is Krystal’s biological father, the 38-year-old actress remained tight-lipped about the matter, and Andy seemed to have disappeared from their lives.

However, seeing how well Shirley was doing financially, Andy returned to Hong Kong last year and reached out to Shirley, demanding to see his daughter.

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