Updating your technology know

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If you did astoundingly well in school, use terms instead of numbers, like “summa cum laude” or “with Honors.” Good news.Look, times have changed since we wrote our first resumés, but words still trump pictures in the world of job searches.Unless you’re a recent grad, GPAs aren’t applicable to most job search settings.Instead of using space to highlight your school accomplishments, focus on what you’ve done since then.Here’s some up-to-date verbage to mix in: The people reading your resumé know. It sounds pretentious, and that line takes up valuable real estate.

I sent my glistening new creation to a trusted friend for feedback, and on the other end of the email, I got…crickets. Things change FAST these days, and my two-page behemoth wasn’t cutting it. Luckily, updating my resumé for 2014 didn’t have to be that hard. These days, potential employers still want to be able to skim your resumé for the important stuff. Or, ditch that paragraph entirely and use up that space to show your accomplishments, saving the explanations for the cover letter.Given that you say that your data arrival time is uncertain your best bet is probably just to do something like: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy hl, = plt.plot([], []) def update_line(hl, new_data): hl.set_xdata(numpy.append(hl.get_xdata(), new_data)) hl.set_ydata(numpy.append(hl.get_ydata(), new_data)) plt.draw() Since there is no call to show(), the plot never appears on the screen.If I call show(), it blocks and doesn't perform the updates. gist.github.com/daviddoria/027b5c158b6f200527a4import matplotlib.pyplot as plt plt.ion() class Dynamic Update(): #Suppose we know the x range min_x = 0 max_x = 10 def on_launch(self): #Set up plot self.figure, = plt.subplots() self.lines, = plot([],[], 'o') #Autoscale on unknown axis and known lims on the other set_autoscaley_on(True) set_xlim(self.min_x, self.max_x) #Other stuff grid() ...Plus the terminal remains available for monitoring commands while plotting.See or https://pypi.python.org/pypi/joystick (use pip install joystick to install) Just replace np.random.random() by your real data point read from the serial port in the code below: import joystick as jk import numpy as np import time class test(jk.

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